Friday, December 24, 2010

Amazing Stories 158 v15n01

Cover: J. Allen St. John

* A City on Venus • shortstory by unknown [as by Henry Gade ]
* Skidmore's Strange Experiment • shortstory by David Wright O'Brien
* Hammer of the Gods • shortstory by David Wright O'Brien [as by John York Cabot ]
* The Armageddon of Johann Schmidt • shortstory by unknown [as by Arthur T. Harris ]
* Mystery Moon • novelette by Edmond Hamilton
* The Invisible Wheel of Death • novelette by Don Wilcox
* John Carter and the Giant of Mars • [Barsoom] • novella by Edgar Rice Burroughs
* Meet the Authors: Don Wilcox • essay by Don Wilcox
* Scientific Mysteries: The Pyramid of Gizeh • essay by Joseph J. Millard

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