Saturday, December 25, 2010

Amazing Stories 171 v16n02

Cover: L. Raymond Jones

* Robot AL-76 Goes Astray • shortstory by Isaac Asimov
* The Immortality of Alan Whidden • novelette by Ralph Milne Farley
* Kidnapped into the Future • novelette by William P. McGivern
* The Return to Pellucidar • [Pellucidar] • novella by Edgar Rice Burroughs (aka Return to Pellucidar)
* The Man Who Changed History • novella by David Wright O'Brien [as by John York Cabot ]
* Voyage into the Lightning • novella by Robert Moore Williams
* The Return of Man • shortstory by Leo A. Schmidt
* The Cosmic Punch of Lefty O'Rourke • shortstory by William P. McGivern [as by P. F. Costello ]
* Suicide Ship to Earth • novelette by David Wright O'Brien [as by Duncan Farnsworth ]
* The Fiend of New London • [Ben Gleed] • novelette by Don Wilcox
* Mr. Wisel's Secret • shortstory by Eric Frank Russell
* A City on Ganymede • essay by unknown [as by Henry Gade ]
* Scientific Mysteries: Vanished Civilizations • essay by Joseph J. Millard
* Odors • essay by Consista Arabella

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